hanan alkouh


Her story begins with her curiosity for tactile experiences…


Hanan Alkouh is a research-led designer that is passionate about examining human behaviors, integrating design, cultures and resources as tools to create social transitions to build a better future.


Driven by her fascination with craftsmanship, she pursued dual undergraduate degrees in Architecture and Fine Arts at the Rhode Island School of Design; where explorations of space and materiality took form.


Since graduating from RISD in 2008, Hanan has worked in Architecture for 6 years in internationally recognized firms such as OOS AG [Switzerland] and AGi architects [Madrid/Kuwait], before pursuing her Master’s in Material Futures at the renowned Central Saint Martins [2014-2016].


Hanans’ architectural foundation continues to influence her approach in understanding the tectonics of any material to analyze the various processes of crafting, and her current experience in research based design allows her to deconstruct boundaries and thread narratives. The integration of these various practices generates her innovative outcomes that are unique and multifaceted in complexity.

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